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Type Public
Traded as NYX:AREVA
Industry Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy[1]
Founded 2001[2]
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Luc Oursel (CEO)[3]
Production output 8,790 million tonnes of uranium[4]
Revenue €8.9 billion[4] (approx. US$ 11.7 billion)
Net income - €2,424 million[4] (approx. - US$ 3,175 million)
Employees 48,000 (2010)[5]


The French company AREVA are engaged in the nuclear industry, offering services such as uranium mining and enrichment, reactor design and construction, and nuclear power solutions.[5] In 2010 they also said they would become a 'leading player' in renewable energy operations - highlighting wind power, solar power, hydrogen power and bioenergies as areas in which they already worked.[5]

Global Snapshot

EITI Supporter Status

AREVA became a supporting company of the EITI in June 2003.[6]

UN Global Compact

AREVA became a participant in the UN Global Compact in March 2003.[7]

Global Operations by Country


Main article: AREVA Operations in Niger


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