Adar oil field

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The Adar oil field, also known as Adar-Yar, with estimated oil in place of about 276 million barrels, is located in the Melut basin[1] in the northern Upper Nile.[2]

The field was discovered by US oil company Chevron in 1981 and was inaugurated by Sudan President Omar al-Bashir in March 1997, at which point it was producing about 5,000 barrels per day (bpd). The first Sudanese crude to be exported came from Adar. The exports were minimal - one cargo every fortnight, or up to 2,500 bpd; by May 1998, production had increased to 10,000 b/d, which remained a tiny fraction of the field’s potential.[3]

Chevron left Sudan in 1990[3] and as of 2011 Adar field was operated by the consortium Petrodar.[4]


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