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The Banias refinery in Syria was built by Industrialexport of Romania and commissioned in 1980.[1]

A catalytic cracking unit (used to break large hydrocarbons in heavy oil into smaller ones) came on stream at Banias in 1994 as part of an upgrade of the facilities.[2] Up until this point, large volumes of gas oil and diesel oil had to be imported in order to meet domestic demands, as the refinery was unable to process the heavier grades of crude.[1]

To meet domestic demand, the Banias refinery also imports light oil to mix with the heavier Syrian oils.[3]


The Banias refinery has the capacity to refine 133,000 barrels per day (bpd).[3]


The Banias refinery, like the Homs Refinery, is a subsidiary of the state-owned General Corporation for Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products (GCRDPP).[3]


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