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The Ecopetrol-owned Barrancabermeja-Santander facility, along with the Cartagena Refinery, represents the majority of Colombia's refining capacity of 290,850 barrels per day (bpd).[1]


As of 2010 the processing capacity at the Barrancabermeja facility was 205,000 bpd.[1] and supplies nearly 80% of the fuels consumed in Colombia.[2]

Modernisation Project

According to Ecopetrol's Annual Report for 2010, the basic engineering and construction stages of the Barrancabermeja Refinery Modernization Project (PMRB) were completed over the year.[3]

Operations are scheduled to commence at the modernized refinery in 2016, with the aim of improving profitability and supplying the entire Colombian market without any need for imports. The modernized refinery is also expected to produce fuels of higher quality, which will help reduce pollution and lead to better air quality in Colombia.[2]

In August 2011, engineering and construction contractor Foster Wheeler announced that it had been contracted by Ecopetrol to implement the second phase of the Project for the PMRB. The PRMB is to add heavy crude processing capability to take advantage of the domestic heavy, sour crude oil, and to provide the processing capabilities to meet the Colombian clean fuels product specifications.[4]


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