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Agadem Block

In June 2008 CNPC was awarded a licence to produce oil from the Agadem Block in the eastern Diffa region bordering Chad.[1] The agreement with the Nigerien government stipulated that US$ 5 billion would be invested in drilling 18 exploration wells, building a refinery with a capacity of 20,000 barrels per day (bpd) and constructing a 2,000 kilometre pipeline. Business information service IHS reported that in October 2007, CNPC was one of eight companies that submitted bids for the Agadem Block concession - what IHS described as "Niger's most attractive asset". Other bidders were Petronas, Sonatrach, Burren Energy, South Africa Energetic, ATI Petroleum, Tullow Oil and TransAfrican Energy.[1]

The Agadem Oilfield began producing in November 2011, with production estimated to reach a capacity of 20,000 bpd in 2012.[2] The Agadem Block will also provide the Soraz Oil Refinery with gas, with an expected annual yield of 44,200 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).[3].

Agadem-Soraz Pipeline

As part of the June 2008 agreement with the Nigerien government, CNPC constructed a pipeline to connect the Agadem Oilfield and the Soraz Oil Refinery - allowing them to exploit the hydrocarbon reserves of the Agadem Block.[4] The oil pipeline became operational on 8 October 2011, ahead of the commissioning of the Soraz Oil Refinery on 28 November 2011.[5]

Soraz Oil Refinery

CNPC constructed the Soraz Oil Refinery in Olelewa (Zinder Region), some 900 kilometres east of the capital Niamey.[6] It is operated by the Zinder Refinery Company,[7] referred to in French as the Société de Raffinage de Zinder (SORAZ).[8] The refinery has a 20,000 bpd capacity.[6]


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