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Type Public Limited Company
Traded as NYSE:CVX
Founded 1984[1]
Headquarters San Ramon, California.[2]
Key People John S. Watson (Chairman and CEO)[3]
Revenue US $244.37 billion (2011)[4]
Net income $ 26.9 billion[5]
% change over previous year +41.4%[6]
Total Assets US $209.47 billion (end 2011)[7]
Employees 57,376 (end 2011)[8]

Global Snapshot

As of 2011 Chevron was the second largest integrated oil firm headquartered in the USA, following ExxonMobil.[9] The company can trace its history back to an oil discovery at Pico Canyon, north of Los Angeles, in 1879, which led to creation of the Pacific Coast Oil Company. The company was subsequently renamed the Standard Oil Company of California, which emerged from the breakup of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. and later became Chevron when it acquired the Gulf Oil Corporation in 1984, at the time the largest merger in US history.[10]

At the end of 2011 Chevron had net proven oil reserves of 4.3 billion barrels and net proven gas reserves of 25,229 billion cubic feet. Daily liquids production was 1.849 million barrels per day (bpd) and gas production was 4.941 billion cubic feet per day.[11]

In late 2011 Chevron was banned by Brazilian regulators for drilling on their territory after they suffered an oil spill off the Atlantic coast.[12] Chevron was reported to be nearing a settlement in late 2012 for around $144 million, in order to move towards restarting output.[13]

Global Operations by Country


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