Crude Oil Qualities in Egypt

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Crude oil found in Egypt varies significantly in quality, with API gravities generally ranging from 22° (upper limit heavy) to 33° (medium - light).

Egypt typically produces three main blends:

The Suez Blend

Egypt's benchmark oil blend is Suez, which is usually sold at a discount to the Brent contract because of its relatively high sulfur content, according to Global Insight.[1] The Suez blend has an API gravity of 33° while its sulfur content stands at 1.4.

The Belayim Blend

Falling mid-range, the Belayem blend has an API gravity of 26° and a sulfur content of 1.6.

The Ras Gharib Blend

The heaviest kind of oil in Egypt is the Belayem blend, with an API gravity of 22° and a sulfur content of 1.7.[2]


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