Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)

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The state-owned Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) is a key operator in the Egyptian extractive industry. The company is involved in upstream activities such as exploration, drilling and production, as well as downstream activities including distribution and marketing of natural gas.[1]

In 2001, EGAS was established by former petroleum minister Sameh Fahmy as one of the main subsidiaries of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum.[2] The country's production of natural gas has more than doubled since then and has risen from 25.2 billion cubic metres in 2001 to more than 60 billion cubic metres in 2011.[3] All international companies active in the sector have to require production sharing agreements with EGAS, which retains the right to take a 50 percent stake in the venture.[4]

EGAS consists of six divisions: the Natural Gas Projects, the Pipeline Constructions Projects, Maintenance Projects, the Air Conditioning Projects, the Liquified Petroleum Gas Construction Projects, and the Compressed Natural Gas Stations division.[5] As its official mission statement it is stated on its website that EGAS is to focus on the natural gas activities, adapting an effective action plan to organize and diligently handle the activities of the natural gas resources of Egypt to add value to the Egyptian economy.[6] Sherif Sousa is serving as the chairman of EGAS, as of early 2013.[7]


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