Exploration Area 1 in Uganda

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The Exploration Area 1 (EA1) license area is operated by Total S.A., which acquired a 33% ownership share in the area in a farm-in with Tullow Oil completed in February 2012.[1] Tullow and CNOOC are Total's partners in EA1, with a 33% stake each.[2]

The license area is located onshore near the northern end of Lake Albert in Uganda's west,[3] covering an area of 3,066 square kilometers.[2] The area includes the oil fields Buffalo, Giraffe, Buffalo-1/Jobi-1, Giraffe-1/Rii, Warthog and Warthog-1/Ngiri, as well as the prospect fields Buffalo East, Crocodile, Leopard and Kob.[3]

A three-well drilling program (at Warthog-1/Ngiri, Buffalo-1/Jobi-1 and Giraffe-1/Rii) revealed a billion barrel potential in EA1 in 2008, which according to Mergers and Acquisition Review was said to be the largest onshore oil discovery in Sub-Saharan Africa in over twenty years. This was followed by the drilling of the Ngiri-2 well in 2010, along with the Jobi-East-1 and Mpyo-3 appraisal wells in 2011.[3]

EA1 is located in Murchison Falls National Park,[4] an area with high environmental and ecological sensitivity.[5] As of late 2012 Total was continuing with appraisal programs for at least three oil fields in the area, and expects to spend at least $300 million on drilling, according to Rigzone.[4]


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