Exploration Area 2 in Uganda

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The Exploration Area 2 (EA2) contract area is operated by Tullow Oil, which has a 33% ownership share along with partners Total S.A. and CNOOC,[1] each of which also has a one-third interest in the area.[2]

The contract area covers 1,527 square kilometers and is situated on the eastern edge of Lake Albert in the Butaiba region in Uganda. It is located southwest of Exploration Area 1 and northeast of Exploration Area 3.[1]

In 2001, the Ugandan government signed production sharing agreements (PSAs) with Australian company Hardman Resources and the UK-based Energy Africa, each of which gained a 50 per cent stake in the contract area. In 2007, Tullow bought Hardman Resources which, combined with its earlier acquisition of Energy Africa, gave it 100 percent ownership in EA2. According to Oil in Uganda, oil and/or gas have been discovered in each of the following wells in EA2: Mputa-1, Mputa-2, Mputa-3, Waraga-1, Nziz-1, Nzizi-2, Taiti-1, Ngege-1, Karuka-1, Kasamene-1, Kasamene-2, Kasamene-3, Kigogole-1, Mputa-5, Karuka-2, Ngassa-2, Nsoga-1, Wahrindi-1, Ngara-1, Nzizi-3, Nsoga-2, Nsoga-5, Kigogole-2, Kigogole-3, Kigogole-4, and Kigogole-5.[3]


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