Ganoub El-Wadi Holding Company (GANOPE)

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The Ganoub El-Wadi Holding Company (GANOPE) is one of five main entities of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum. The company was established by Prime Minister's decree in 1991 to manage and supervise all petroleum activities under latitude line 28.[1] This covers Upper Egypt - more than half the country - excluding the Western and Eastern deserts and the Nile Delta.


According to the company's website its objectives include:

  • Marketing new blocks for oil and gas exploration through international bid rounds through oil exploration and exploitation agreements
  • Increasing Egypt’s production and its oil and gas reserves
  • Establishing joint venture companies to manage operations on behalf of GANOPE and its partners
  • Encouraging investment in petroleum projects
  • Constructing strategic petroleum projects that support development in Upper Egypt
  • Constructing and supervising refineries, petrochemical plants and LPG filling stations, as well as distribution stations and fuel stations in Upper Egypt
  • Studying different plans for developing and modernizing the oil and gas industry to improve the performance of its affiliated companies
  • Preparing feasibility studies for different projects[2]

Affiliated Companies

There are 12 companies under GANOPE's direct supervision, across the fields of exploration and production, refining, petroleum products marketing, mineral resources and oil shale companies, and natural water production and packing companies. GANOPE also holds shares in nine joint ventures (list here).[3]

Bid rounds and supervision of agreements

GANOPE has held almost-yearly international bid rounds for acreage in Upper Egypt since 2003,[4] with the most recent round taking place in June 2013.[5] The bid rounds over the years have led to 16 active concession agreements and five additional concession agreements under ratification as of mid 2013. GANOPE jointly supervises seven EGPC concession agreements, bringing the total number of concession agreements under GANOPE's watch to 28.[6]


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