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Haki (Rights) Madini (Minerals) is a non-profit organisation focusing on advocacy for socio- economic rights for small-scale miners and communities in areas that contain natural resources.[1] The organisation agitates for a more equitable distribution of natural resource wealth, with transactions carried out in a transparent and accountable sector. Since 2008,[2] HakiMadini’s main office is located in Arusha.[3] Its activities include policy lobbying, hosting community forums, organising media campaigns and exchanging knowledge and experience with other like-minded organisations active in the sector. [4]


HakiMadini began its operations as a grassroots movement in the late 1990s in the wake of Human Rights abuses committed in Tanzania’s Mineral Sector. Initially, the movement engaged concentrated on resolving disputes between small-scale miners and parties involved in the Tanzanite One Mine and the rights of service providers to conduct business. To cope with the challenges imposed by increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), ground issues such as HIV prevalence, family violence and loss of livelihoods in the affected communities as well as the impact of the mining policies, HakiMadini started to network with local and international organisations.[5]

Oil and Natural Gas related Activities

HakiMadini co-hosts and participates in various resource forums aimed at fostering dialogue with the Oil, Gas and Minerals Sector. In collaboration with Policy Forum and the Interfaith Committee on Economic Justice and Integrity, HakiMadini held the second Tanzania Mining, Oil & Gas Forum in Dar es Salaam in September 2012.

In November 2014, HakiMadini in collaboration with the Natural Resource Alliance of Kenya (KeNRA) held the Natural Resource Forum at the Zinduka Festival, Arusha. The topics discussed include the impacts of oil and gas on governance and the livelihoods of affected communities. [6]


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