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China's CNOOC operates the Kingfisher license area, which lies in the former Exploration Area 3A,[1] with a 33.3% share. Tullow Oil and Total S.A. also hold a 33.3% share each. The field holds an estimated 300 million barrels of oil, making it Uganda's largest oil field.[2]

Heritage Oil gained a license to the Kingfisher field in 1997 and was operator with a 50% share alongside Tullow Oil, which owned the other half of the contract area.[3] Tullow acquired full ownership of the license area in January 2010,[4] but the government didn't endorse the sale because Heritage declined to pay a 30% capital gains tax on the transaction.[5]

The government repossessed the Kingfisher field in August 2010 because Tullow and former partner Heritage failed to apply for a production license in time.[5] Tullow regained the Kingfisher license on 3 February 2012[6] and completed a farm-down to CNOOC, the new operator, and Total later that month.[7]


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