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Type Public Limited Company
Traded as NYSE: KOS
Founded 2003[1]
Headquarters Dallas, Texas (US)[2]
Key People Mr. Brian F. Maxted (CEO and President)[1]
Products Oil and gas exploration.
Employees 130 (2011)[1]
Website www.kosmosenergy.com

Company Profile

Kosmos Energy Ltd engages in exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Africa. As of 2011 it was the holder of five licenses in Ghana, Cameroon and Morocco.[1] The company was involved in the discovery of the Jubilee Field in Ghana, which established a new, significant oil province in offshore Ghana.[3]

Kosmos is partially owned by private equity firm the Blackstone Group.[4] In January 2011 the company announced plans to offer up to $500 million of its shares in an initial public offering (IPO), with the money destined for new exploration activity through to 2013.[5]

Official Accreditations and Global Perceptions


As of February 2011 Kosmos Energy was not an EITI supporting company.[6]

UN Global Compact

As of 2011 Kosmos Energy did not participate in the UN Global Compact.

CSR Review

  • In 2011 Kosmos, in partnership with NGO Teachers Against Malaria Epidemic (TAME), launched a three-month anti-malaria campaign at Beyin in the Jomoro District of the Western region of Ghana, dubbed the "Kosmos Energy Anti-Malaria Campaign".[7]
  • In September 2011 Kosmos presented a cheque worth US $2000 to the Ghanaian Navy to sponsor a member of the armed forces to pursue an eight-month postgraduate study program at the International Marine Law Institute in the US, as part of their social responsibility program.[8]

External Coverage

  • In 2010 Kosmos was investigated for corruption charges by US and Ghanaian officials, following allegations that the company's local partner in Ghana EO had used its links to government officials to secure favourable deals in the country's nascent oil industry. Kosmos denies the claims.[9]

Global Operations by Country


Main article: Kosmos Energy Operations in Ghana


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