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Energy Industry Background

The Basics

Resource Curse (1)

Crude Oil Qualities (2)*

Natural Gas (2)*

Natural Gas Flaring (2)*

Offshore Drilling (2)*

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) (2)*

LNG in Azerbaijan (3)

Oil Field Depletion (2)*

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques (2)*

Oilfield services industry (2)*

Unconventional Energy Sources (3)


Hydrocarbon Reserves of Azerbaijan (1)

Definition of Hydrocarbon Reserves (2)

Mineral Reserves of Azerbaijan (1)

Definition of Mineral Reserves (2)

Crude Oil Qualities in Azerbaijan (3)

The 'Energy Mix' (2)

The 'Energy Mix' in Azerbaijan (3)

Energy Governance

Energy Governance Weak Points (2)

Dependency on Extractives Revenues (1)

Dependence on extractives revenues in Azerbaijan (1)

Fuel Subsidies (2)

Fuel Subsidies in Azerbaijan (3)

Pipelines and Transit Fees (2)

Export Land Model (2)

Historical Overview

Origins and Evolution of the Oil Industry in Azerbaijan (2)

Azerbaijan's Oil Industry under the Soviets (3)

Azerbaijan's Oil Industry post-1991 (1)

Operating Environment in Azerbaijan (3)

Social and Environmental Context

Environmental Impact of extractive industries in Azerbaijan (1)

Extractive Industries and the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Regulatory Framework

Overview of Hydrocarbon Regulation in Azerbaijan (1)

Revenue Sharing Arrangements in Azerbaijan (3)

The Oil and Gas Law of the Azerbaijani Republic (2000) (2)

The 'Contract of the Century' (2)

Sovereign Wealth Funds (3)

Types of Oil Contracts (1)

Regional Dynamics

The 'Southern Corridor' and pipeline politics in the South Caucasus (1)

Azerbaijan-Turkey (3)

Azerbaijan-Russia (3)

Azerbaijan-Iran (3)

Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan (3)

State-owned Entities

Azerbaijani Ministry of Industry and Energy (3)

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) (1)

State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) (3)

SOCAR Trading (3)

Azpetrol (3)

Private Entities


BP (1)

BP Operations in Azerbaijan (1)

Chevron (2)

Chevron Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Devon Energy (2)

Devon Energy Operations in Azerbaijan (3)


Statoil Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

TPAO (2)

TPAO Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Hess (2)

Hess Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

ExxonMobil (2)

ExxonMobil Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Inpex (2)

Inpex Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Itochu (2)

Itochu Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

ONGC Videsh (3)

ONGC Videsh Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Total (2)

Total Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

Lukoil (2)

Lukoil Operations in Azerbaijan (3)

National Iranian Oil Company (3)

NIOC Operations in Azerbaijan (3)


Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) (3)

Key Infrastructure

Overview of Oil Infrastructure in Azerbaijan (3)

Petrochemicals in Azerbaijan (3)


Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery (3)


Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline (1)

South Caucasus Natural Gas Pipeline (3)

Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline (proposed) (3)

Baku-Novorossiysk Pipeline (3)

Baku-Supsa Pipeline (3)

Trans-Caspian Oil Pipeline (proposed) (3)

Gazi-Magomed-Mozdok Gas Pipeline (3)

Baku-Astara Gas Pipeline (3)

Gazi-Magomed-Mozdok Gas Pipeline (3)


Sangachal Terminal (2)

Oil and Gas Fields

Overview of Oil and Gas Fields in Azerbaijan (2)

Shah Deniz Gas Field (1)

Azeri–Chirag–Guneshli (ACG) Oil Fields (1)

Alov, Araz and Sharg gas fields (3)

Zafar-Mashal fields (3)

Resource Transparency Opportunities

Natural Resource Charter (2)

Resource Transparency Movement(3)

Resource Transparency Movement in Azerbaijan (3)

Transparency of Contracts (2)

EITI (1)

EITI in Azerbaijan (2)

Access to Information in Azerbaijan (3)

Global Witness (2)

Revenue Watch Institute (2)

Transparency International (2)

Transparency of Global Oil Companies (TI Report) (2)

WikiLeaks (2)