Local Content and Employment Issues in Niger

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Mining Industry

Article 19 of the Nigerien Mining Code 2006[1] requires mining companies operating in Niger to give preference to local workers for positions that relate to their qualification and skills level. A training and career development program for local staff must be provided allowing for the progressive replacement of expatriate staff with newly trained local staff. Alongside compliance with national legal, sanitary and health regulations, mining companies must commit to the "establishment, expansion or improvement of a health and school infrastructure at a reasonable distance from the deposit, and meeting the normal needs of workers and their families", as well as setting up recreational facilities for their staff.[1] For example in northern Niger AREVA fully funded two mining hospitals which provide free health care for employees and the surrounding communities.[2] [3]

Oil and Gas Industry

Article 21 of the Nigerien Oil Code 2007[4] requires the holder of an oil exploration or production permit (and its subcontractors) to give priority to Nigerien candidates with the necessary qualifications when meeting the needs of their oil operations. To this end, the article also requires permit holders to establish and finance training for Nigeriens at the beginning of their oil operations. Article 22 requires oil companies to comply with national regulations on hygiene and safety for workers, as well as on the protection of the environment.[4]


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