Mehmet Sepil

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Position President
Since 2011.
Nationality Turkish
Basic compensation n/a

As of February 2013, Mehmet Sepil was President of Genel Energy Limited. Previously he was founder and CEO of Genel Energy, before its merger with Vallares PLC in 2011. Sepil has over 29 years experience in construction engineering, financial and administrative management, including with NATO and US and Turkish state and private sector projects.[1]

Sepil founded Genel Energy in 2001 to extract oil from Iraqi Kurdistan, in partnership with fellow Turkish billionaire Mehent Karamehmet. One of his earlier ventures was Epik Construction, which carried out infrastructure work in Kosovo and Afghanistan. During the 1980s he was based in the United States for five years.[2] Genel Energy plc]", Reuters, retrieved 25 February 2013.</ref>

Prior to the merger in 2010 the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA) fined Sepil £967,005 (approx. US $1.46 billion) for dealing in the shares of UK-listed Heritage Oil on the basis of inside information. This was the largest fine issued by the FSA against an invidual for market abuse. Genel Enerji's chief commercial officer Murat Ozgul and Levent Akca, its exploration manager, were also fined on insider trading charges.[3] Genel Energy plc]", FSA, 16 February 2010.</ref>


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