Mellitah Oil and Gas

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Headquarters Tripoli
Founded 2008
Key People Mohamed Oun (2008 onwards)[1]
International Partners Eni
% held by NOC 50%
% held by IOCs Eni (50%)[2]
Production output 280,000 bpd (2011)[3]


Mellitah Oil and Gas is a joint venture (JV) in which the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Italian oil company Eni are equal partners (NOC 50%; Eni 50%).[4]

In November 2011 Abdul-Rahman Ben Yezza, a former executive of the JV, was named interim Oil Minister for Libya.[5]


Mellitah Oil and Gas B.V. Libyan Branch was established in 2008 by the General People's Committee Resolution No. 253, in agreement with the National Oil Corporation (NOC)and Eni North Africa.[6]


Eni manages its Libya operations through Mellitah, including the Elephant (El Feel) field in the Murzuk basin, Bu Attifel and the Bouri field.[7]

As of December 2011 following the revolution earlier that year, Mellitah was pumping 70 percent of pre-conflict levels, but was still facing technical problems after fields in the desert were damaged by loyalist forces.[8]

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