Mineral Reserves of Azerbaijan

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Aside from the much publicised hydrocarbon resources, Azerbaijan also has rich deposits of minerals, including ferrous and non-ferrous ores, rare and fine metals, and semi-precious stones including diamonds.[1]

According to the US Geological Survey aluminium production in 2009 was thought to have decreased significantly in Azerbaijan, however AngloAsian Mining plc began producing gold at the Gedabek gold and copper mine (the country's first operating gold/copper mine),[2] located around 55 kilometres (km) from the city of Ganja, and Azerbaijan was expecting to increase its gold production over six-fold by 2014 compared to 2009 levels, relying mainly on increased production at Gedabek.[3] Accusations in 2012 of the involvement of members of the ruling Aliyev family in the opaque membership of a gold mine in Dashkesan province provoked controversial press reports.[4]


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