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Food Crisis

In January 2012 Concern Worldwide warned that large areas of Africa’s Sahel region were at risk of severe food shortages and malnutrition. They claimed that the epicentre of the crisis was in Niger, where 5.4 million people were food-insecure, but poor harvests in neighboring Chad threatened a similar crisis.[1] Both nations face problems of recurrent drought.[2] The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) reported in September 2011 that around 300,000 Nigerien and Chadian migrant workers fled the violence in Libya and returned home during 2011. ACTED believe that most of them crossed the desert in poor health and travelling through dangerous conditions. Such a large scale influx caused a deterioration of the food security situation of the affected regions of Niger and Chad. It also reduced the capacity of households to purchase food, since migrants were usually sending back remittances to support their families.[3]

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Chad stated in April 2012 that it would look to learn from Niger's agricultural practices. In Niger much research has gone into improved seed varieties, traditional irrigation, and environmental protection; according to the FAO Chad would benefit from following this example.[4]

Oil Partnership

Main article: Chad-Cameroon Pipeline

In March 2012 Nigerien officials discussed with Chad the possibility of shipping crude oil from its Agadem Oilfield for export through the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline.[5] The Nigerien Foreign Minister stated that the partnership is still in the early stages of formulation.[6]


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