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On the 22 June in Cartagena, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) made 168 blocks available for bidding as part of the 'Open Round Colombia' bidding process. The process of awarding production and exploration rights was competed on the 12 May 2011.

The number of blocks available eventually increased to 229, covering a total acreage of 476,650 square kilometres.[1]

Following the pre-qualification phase, the ANH finalized a list of 73 companies who were authorised to submit an offer. These companies were divided into the following categories depending on their capacities:

  • Operators: 49 companies with proven capacity juridical, financial, operational, environmental and social responsibility qualified to be operators at fields.
  • Non-operators: 4 companies limited to participating in a consortium with qualified operators.
  • Restricted operators: 20 companies restricted to operate Block 1 type only (see below).
  • Non-qualified: 8 companies did not qualify to submit offers.[1]

Types of Contract

The blocks on offer were divided into three types:

  • Type 1: E&P Mini-round.

138 onshore blocks in mature basins, available for Exploration and Production (E&P) contracts.

  • Type 2: E&P New Prospective Basin.

31 onshore and offshore blocks in new, prospective basins, also available for E&P contracts.[2]

  • Type 3: Technical Evaluation Agreement (TEA).

63 short-term contracts allowing frontier areas to be evaluated for prospectivity without committing explorers to expensive drilling programmes.[3]


On completion of Open Round Colombia, 68 contracts had been signed with 27 companies designated as operator or licensee.

Ecopetrol won eight blocks (seven as operator), six of which were located in the Llanos basin. Canadian companies were also prominent in the bidding round, with Meta Petroleum becoming operator of 6 blocks and two TEA contracts. Gran Tierra won two TEA blocks and one E&P contract, and six blocks were awarded to Alange Energy Corporation. Of the large international companies who qualified, Shell won one TEA contract and one E&P onshore license in the Middle Magdalena Valley, and Brazilian independent OGX was another key company, winning five licenses.

The complete results can be seen in the table below:[1]

Block Operator Partners Type Basin
CAG-5 Meta Petroleum Colombia (50%) Talisman Colombia (50%) 3 Oriente
CAG-6 Meta Petroleum Colombia (50%) Talisman Colombia (50%) 1 Oriente
CAUCA-6; CAUCA-7 Gran Tierra Colombia (100%) 3 Cauca Patia
COR-11 Canacol Colombia (100%) 1 Eastern Cordillera
COR-15 Pacific Stratus Energy Colombia (50%) Maurel and Prom (50%) 3 Eastern Cordillera
COR-23 Kinetex Colombia (100%) 1 Eastern Cordillera
COR-24 Meta Petroleum Colombia (50%) Pacific Stratus Energy Colombia (50%) 3 Eastern Cordillera
COR-33 Alange Energy Colombia (100%) 1 Eastern Cordillera
COR-39 Canacol Energy Colombia (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley
COR-4 Australian Drilling Associates Colombia (100%) 1 Eastern Cordillera
COR-6 Interoil Colombia (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley
CPO-16 Hocol (100%) 2 Llanos
CR-2; CR-3; CR-4 OGX Petroleo Gas (100%) 3 Cesar Rancheria
GUA-OFF-3 Shell Colombia (100%) 3 Aruba
LLA-11 Stetson Oil and Gas (10%) Sagres Energy (90%) 1 Llanos
LLA-13; LLA-39 Hocol (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-15; LLA-59 Petrominerales Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-37; LLA-38; LLA-52; LLA-6; LLA-8 Ecopetrol (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-40 Ramshorn International (50%) Apco Properties (50%) 1 Llanos
LLA-41 Alange Energy Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-42 Telpico (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-45 Perenco Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-47 Interoil Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-48 Serviojeda Compania (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-5 Vetra Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-55; LLA-7 Meta Petroleum Colombia (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-56 Tabasco Oil Company (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-57 Parex (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-58; LLA-62 Hupecol (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-61 Suelopetrol (100%) 1 Llanos
LLA-71 Geotechnology LA (100%) 1 Llanos
PUT-10 Gran Tierra Colombia (100%) 1 Oriente
PUT-3 Vast Exploration Inc. (10%) Sagres Energy (90%) 1 Oriente
PUT-6; PUT-7 Petro Caribbean Resources (100%) 1 Oriente
PUT-8 Vetra Colombia (50%) Grupo C&C Energy Colombia (50%) 1 Oriente
PUT-9 Meta Petroleum Colombia (60%) Talisman Colombia (40%) 1 Oriente
SSJS-1 Ecopetrol (70%) SK Energy (30%) 2 Sinu
TUM-OFF-3 Ecopetrol (100%) 2 Borbon
VIM-2 SK Energy (100%) 2 Lower Magdalena
VIM-5 OGX Petroleo Gas (100%) 2 Lower Magdalena
VIM-6 Hocal (100%) 2 Lower Magdalena
VMM-11; VMM-35 Alange Energy Colombia (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-18 Montajes JM (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-26 OGX Peroleo Gas(100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-27 Shell Colombia (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-28 Petroleos del Norte (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-32 Cementaciones Petroleras (49%) Ecopetrol (51%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VMM-37 Patriot E Serve (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VSM-12; VSM-13 Alange Energy Colombia (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley
VSM-14 Tecnica Vial (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley
VSM-15 Flamingo Oil (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley
VSM-22; VSM-3 Telpico (100%) 1 Middle Magdalena Valley
VSM-9 Hocol (100%) 1 Upper Magdalena Valley


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