Overview of Oil and Gas Fields in Uganda

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The oil assets for which the government has already awarded licenses are divided into three main areas, which are owned jointly by Tullow Oil, Total S.A. and CNOOC. Based on a farm-down agreement in February 2012 in which Tullow sold 66 percent of its Ugandan licenses CNOOC and Total, Total operates Exploration Area-1 (EA-1) and Tullow operates Exploration Area-2 (EA-2). In the former Exploration Area-3A, CNOOC was to operate the Kanywataba licence and the Kingfisher production licence,[1] but the Kanywataba block reverted back to the east African government in October 2012 after a six-month long exploration license expired.[2] The three exploration areas, EA1, EA2 and Kingfisher, are jointly owned by the three companies, with each company holding a 33.3% stake in each area. Total, Tullow and CNOOC are the respective operators of EA1, EA2 and Kingfisher.[3] Additional acreage will be put up for auction in a new licensing round expected in early 2013, according to Yahoo news.[2]

A fourth contract area is Exploration Area 4B (EA4B), which was originally licensed to Dominion Petroleum Company in 2007, but was subsequently sold to Ophir Energy in 2012, which it then sold to Octant Energy Corporation. But the government has not does not recognize either of these two buyers and has said that Dominion is still the area's contractor.[4]

Immediate exploration priorities include drilling the Kanywataba prospect, a series of prospects west of the Nile starting with the Omuka well in EA-1 and further appraisal work in both EA-1 and EA-2, according to a story posted on the Tullow website in February 2012.[1] Yahoo reported in October 2012 that the Kanywataba field was expected to be on offer in an upcoming licensing round.[2]

Oil and gas fields

At least 20 fields containing recoverable oil and gas have been discovered in Uganda, including:

  • Turaco
  • Mputa
  • Waraga
  • Kingfisher
  • Nzizi
  • Taitai
  • Ngege
  • Karuka
  • Kasamene
  • Kigogole
  • Ngiri
  • Jobi
  • Rii
  • Ngassa
  • Nsoga
  • Wairindi
  • Ngara
  • Mpyo
  • Jobi-East
  • Gunya[5]


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