Repsol Operations in Egypt

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According to the company website Repsol is present in Egypt through the Union Fenosa Gas (UFG) company, which has a majority share in SEGAS, the owner of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at Damietta.[1] Repsol distributes some of the UFG-produced gas in Spain;[2] as of mid 2012 Repsol was not a shareholder in UFG, however, and it was unclear whether its involvement with the company went beyond gas distribution.

Repsol historically had a larger presence in Egypt through its interests in seven concessions in the Western Desert; but US company Apache acquired nearly all of Repsol's concessions in a US$410 million deal in January 2001, as Repsol shifted its attention to activities in South America. Repsol retained its 33 percent contractor interest in the deep-water portion of the West Mediterranean Concession.[3] An October 2012 New York Times article indicted that Repsol remained a joint venture partner of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC);[4] as of mid 2013 though it remained unclear which concession this venture was for and whether Repsol's activity in Egypt extended beyond that.


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