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First launched in 2002 as the Revenue Watch Program of the Open Society Institute (OSI) and spun off into an independent organization in June 2006. According to their official site, the Revenue Watch Institute is the only organization dedicated exclusively to addressing the special problems of oil, gas and mining-dependent countries—countries where poverty, conflict and corruption too often converge.[1]


RWI characterises its work as mainly with civil society, helping them oversee mining industries across the entire value chain, from wellhead to international markets. The organisation also makes many small grants to partner institutions in developing countries.[2].

RWI was a key founding member of the EITI in 2002 and has sat on its International Advisory Board. The institute defines its projects as supporting the EITI process in many countries around the world.[3]

RWI also carries out analysis of data found in EITI reports for participating countries. As part of this process they review the quality of recent reports and extract key pieces of revenue data, then rank the various reports according to a set of pre-determined indicators.[4]

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