Sinopec Operations in South Sudan

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Sinopec operates in South Sudan through its subsidiary Sinopec International E&P Corporation Sudan Branch (SIPC Sudan). In this capacity Sinopec has a minority stake stake (6 percent) in the Petrodar consortium, which operates blocks 3 and 7; its partners in the consortium include CNPC (41 percent stake), Petronas (40 percent), Sudapet (8 percent), and Tri-Ocean (5 per cent).

Two other Sinopec subsidiaries - Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corp (SIPSC), Sinopec Group’s fully-owned international engineering and service arm, and Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau (ZPEB), another servicing subsidiary - have been primary petroleum engineering and servicing contractors in Sudan and participated in construction of the Petrodar pipeline,[1] running from the Melut Basin in South Sudan to Port Sudan, on Sudan's Red Sea coast.[2] Another Sinopec affiliate, China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Company (UNIPEC), is China’s largest oil trader and the primary buyer of South Sudan’s oil.[1]


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