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Type State-owned
Industry Oil and Gas
Founded 1963[1]
Headquarters Algiers, Algeria
Key people Abdelhamid Zerguine (President)[2]
Products Liquid natural gas (LNG), Liquid petroleum gas(LPG), Petroleum, Petrochemicals.
Services Exploration, Pipeline operation and maintenance, Oil marketing.
Net income US $9.5 billion (2010)[3]
Employees 41,204 people (2008)[4]


Current Global Profile

Government-owned Sonatrach (Société Nationale pour la Recherche, la Production, le Transport, la Transformation, et la Commercialisation des Hydrocarbures s.p.a.) is an Algerian company formed to exploit the hydrocarbon resources of the country. Sonatrach operates in the fields of exploration, production, pipeline transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons and by-products.[5] Sonatrach has actively diversified its activities with investments in power generation, new and renewable energies, water desalination, and mining exploration and exploitation.[5] They have international operations in Africa (Mali, Niger, Libya, Egypt), in Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain), in Latin America (Peru) and in the USA.[6] With a turnover of $56 billion in 2010, Sonatrach was ranked as the 12th largest oil and gas company in the world.[5]

Sonatrach operates the largest oil field in Algeria, Hassi Messaoud, which is reported to have produced around 350,000 barrels per day of crude oil in 2010, about 28 percent of Algeria's total.[7] It also operates over 2,400 miles of oil pipelines in Algeria.[7]

Global Snapshot

EITI Supporter Status

As of March 2012, Sonatrach was not a supporter company of the EITI.

UN Global Compact

As of March 2012, Sonatrach was not a participant in the UN Global Compact.

CSR Review

According to Sonatrach's Annual Report 2010[3], the following are the key developments regarding Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Investment in Health, Safety and the Environment for 2010 amounted to US$ 191 million, of which 58 percent was invested in upstream activities, 39 percent in downstream activities and three percent made ​​in pipeline activities.
  • A significant decline in the frequency and severity of accidents and incidents for 2010. The number of deaths fell from 13 in 2009 to two in 2010.

External Coverage

Sonatrach was involved in a corruption scandal when on 14 January 2010 the Algerian press revealed that Sonatrach president and CEO, Mohamed Meziane, had been suspended and put under judicial supervision along with the vice-president for marketing and four other senior employees.[8] Meziane’s two sons were also put under investigation.[8] The scandal continued into February 2010 when the Algerian President ordered Sonatrach to freeze all contracts signed between the 21 December 2009 and the 5 February 2010.[9] The freeze affected around 275 contracts that were either signed by or awarded to the company.[9] In May 2011 Meziane was sentenced to two years in jail and ordered to pay a fine of around US$7,000.[10] He was charged with the corruption of public funds through the award of oil and gas contracts to companies through direct agreements rather than a bidding process. Four other senior employees were also handed a year-long sentence.[10]

Global Operations by Country


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