Soraz Oil Refinery

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The Soraz Oil Refinery is situated in Olelewa (Zinder Region), some 900 kilometres east of the capital Niamey.[1] It is operated by the Zinder Refinery Company,[2] referred to in French as the Société de Raffinage de Zinder (SORAZ).[3]


The refinery has a 20,000 barrel-per-day capacity and is supplied solely by oil from the Agadem Oilfield which lies a further 700 kilometres east.[1]

Stocking Problems

In March 2012 Reuters reported that the refinery faced stocking problems in early 2012 as Société Nigerienne de Produits Petroliers (SONIDEP) struggled to carry out export operations: "Because SONIDEP is having difficulties lifting the entire volume agreed, we have been sometimes forced to shut down operations," said Ibrahim Belko, deputy director-general of the Zinder refinery company at Soraz.[2] "It must be said that these stoppages are leading to huge financial losses for the refinery and are also exposing us to the risks of a fire accident," Belko said. "SONIDEP is our only client. While they have been able to lift products for domestic consumption as planned each month, something must be done about the export market, and soon," he said.[2]


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