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South Sudan Alternative Streams

Context of South Sudanese Oil Industry

History of Oil and Gas Industry in Sudan

Oil Production Shutdown of 2012

Dependence on Extractive Industries in South Sudan

Sudan's Economy Before Discovery of Oil

Impact of Sanctions on South Sudanese Oil Industry

Security and the Extractive Industries of South Sudan

Abyei Dispute

Energy Industry Background

Hydrocarbon Reserves of Sudan and South Sudan

The 'Energy Mix'

The 'Energy Mix' in South Sudan

Energy Access in South Sudan

Public Finances in South Sudan

Social and Environmental Context of Extractive Industries in South Sudan

Local Content and Employment Issues in South Sudan

Regional Dynamics

South Sudan-Uganda-Kenya Dynamics

South Sudan-Ethiopia-Djibouti Dynamics

Chinese Investment in Africa

Chinese Investment in South Sudan

Chinese Investment in Sudan and South Sudan

Regulatory Framework

Overview of Hydrocarbon Regulation in South Sudan

Revenue Sharing Arrangements in Sudan and South Sudan

Generic Oil and Gas Terms

Definition of Reserves

Oil Field Depletion

Crude Oil Qualities

Crude Oil Qualities in South Sudan

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Flaring

Fuel Subsidies

Energy Governance Weak Points

Oilfield services industry

Key Infrastructure

Overview of Oil Infrastructure in South Sudan

Pipelines and Transit Fees in Sudan and South Sudan

Oil and Gas Fields

Overview of Oil and Gas Fields in South Sudan

Unity oil field

Heglig oil field

Adar oil field

Thar Jath oil field

State-owned Entities

South Sudanese Ministry of Petroleum and Mining


Private Entities

Overview of IOCs in South Sudan

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in South Sudan

Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC)

White Nile Petroleum Operating Company (WNPOC)


China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

CNPC Operations in South Sudan


Kufpec Operations in South Sudan

Lundin Petroleum

Lundin Operations in South Sudan


Petronas Operations in South Sudan


ONGC Operations in South Sudan


Sinopec Operations in South Sudan

Talisman Energy

Talisman Energy Operations in South Sudan


Total Operations in South Sudan

Tri-Ocean Energy

Tri-Ocean Energy Operations in South Sudan

Resource Transparency Opportunities

Resource Curse

Natural Resource Charter

Resource Transparency Movement

Resource Transparency Movement in South Sudan

Transparency of Contracts

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

Global Witness

Revenue Watch Institute

Transparency International

Transparency of Global Oil Companies (TI Report)


on hold

Abyei notes

Mineral Exploitation in South Sudan


Ascom Operations in South Sudan

Overview of IMCs in South Sudan


White Nile Petroleum Operating Company (WNPOC)


Talisman Operations in South Sudan


PetroSA Operations in South Sudan

Advanced Petroleum Company (APCO)

APCO Operations in South Sudan

Hegleig Petroleum Services and Investment Company

Hegleig Operations in South Sudan