Ténéré Block

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The Ténéré Block has been the subject of significant exploration, but as of early 2012 no oil is being produced from the reserve. An oil and gas exploration licence was granted to the Canadian company TG World Energy Corporation (which was subsequently acquired by TVI Pacific) and China National Petroleum Company International Ténéré Ltd. (CNPCIT), a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), that allowed for the partners to drill in the Ténéré Block.[1] The licence allowed for two wells to be drilled - both had hydrocarbon shows but were subsequently abandoned.[1] Up until 2011, CNPCIT were also drilling exploratory gas wells in the Ténéré Block with partner TVI Pacific.[2] Whilst they encountered small gas showings during drilling, the research indicated there were no reserves worth testing further.[3]


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