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Transparency International (TI) is the world's largest civil society organisation working on issues of corruption and transparency. It was founded in 1993 by Peter Eigen, a former regional director in Africa from the World Bank.

Eigen explained that in his 25 years at the World Bank, bad projects often got funded because they had the support of leading officials, backed by corruption. The purpose of TI was to put the issue of corruption on the agenda of the World Bank, large donor countries, and the development process.[1]

Major Programs

The project for which TI is most known is its Corruption Perceptions Index, an annual report issued since 1995. In it, business people are asked for their perceptions of the influence of corruption in their country.[2]

As well as the index, TI also publishes a range of reports and position papers on various issues related to transparency.[3]

Oil and Gas

In March 2011, TI issued a report about the status of transparency among global oil companies. It follows a 2008 report that was built on a 2005 study by the charity Save the Children into the same issue, but the methodology was adapted.[4]

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