Tri-Ocean Energy Operations in South Sudan

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Tri-Ocean Energy entered South Sudan in March 2008, when it signed an agreement with Sudanese state-owned company Sudapet to buy a 5 percent stake in the Sudanese oil consortium Petrodar for $400 million;[1] the consortium includes China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) (41 percent), Petronas (40 percent), Sudapet (8 percent) and Sinopec (6 percent).[2] Tri-Ocean signed the agreement with Sudapet, at the time one of the shareholders of Petrodar.[1] Tri-Ocean Energy's holdings in Sudan consisted of producing fields in blocks 3 and 7, which in 2011 had an average production of approximately 245,000 barrels per day (bpd).[3]

As part of its shipping and trading operations, according to the company website, Tri-Ocean Energy loaded 600,000 barrels cargo from South Sudan in October 2011, worth about US $60 million, while also opening up new markets for Dar Blend crude.[4]

The company signed a transitional agreement with South Sudan's South Sudanese Ministry of Petroleum and Mining in January 2012.[5]


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