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Welcome to the OpenOil Wiki Family - the first open source reference for extractive industries.

Learn about the beginnings of the Iranian oil sector in the early 1900s or the boom in the Ghanaian oil industry since 2007. Learn about resource transparency issues and the resource curse, and Arabic speakers can check out the local-language version of the Iraq wiki.

This is a living document that will continue to expand as new articles are added. If you want to make a guide to the extractive industry in your country, see our three-question, two-minute questionnaire or contact us at wikiguides(at)

This wiki was created by OpenOil, an energy research and policy consultancy based in Berlin. Visit our website to learn more about us, including:


Colombia Oil Almanac v 0.9

Colombia's impending oil boom brings opportunity as much as it does risk.

Ghana Oil Almanac v 0.9

Ghana is a fledgling oil producer taking steps to avoid falling to the 'resource curse'. List

Iran Oil Almanac v 0.9

Iran is struggling to maintain production in the face of strict economic sanctions. List

Iraq Oil Almanac v 0.9

Iraq is working to ramp up production capacity after decades of war. List

Iraq Oil Almanac v 0.9 (in Arabic)

The Arabic-language Iraq guide serves as the basis for a local knowledge community. List

Libya Oil Almanac v 0.9

Libya's production capacity is inching back on track after the revolution of 2011. List

Niger Oil Almanac v 0.9

Niger's oil boom presents an opportunity to combat a deepening humanitarian crisis. List of Niger Articles

Niger Oil Almanac v 0.9 (in French)

The French-language Niger guide serves as the basis for a local knowledge community.

Sudan Oil Almanac v 0.9

Sudan is dealing with the loss of nearly 75% of its oil reserves after the secession of South Sudan in 2011.

South Sudan Oil Almanac v 0.9

Underdeveloped South Sudan is rich in oil and other resources but has little infrastructure of its own.

Syria Oil Almanac v 0.9

What are the foundations for post-war Syria as a producing and transit country?
We are also in the process of developing prototypes for Azerbaijan, the Eastern Mediterranean region, Uganda, as well as other countries. Watch this space!