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Welcome to the Niger Oil Almanac - the first open source reference for the Nigerien oil industry.

Learn about Niger's compliance with the EITI, how it entered a new era of oil production in 2011, or look into the environmental concerns around Uranium mining in Arlit.

This is a document that will continue to expand as articles are added by contributors in Niger and elsewhere. If you want to make a guide to the extractive industry in your country, see our three-question, two-minute questionnaire or contact us at wikiguides(at)

This wiki was created by OpenOil, an energy research and policy consultancy based in Berlin. Visit our website to learn more about us, including:

Energy Industry Background

Nigerien Hydrocarbon Reserves, Definition of reserves, Energy Governance Weak Points, ...

Historical Overview

History of Oil and Gas Industry in Niger, History of Minerals Industry in Niger, ...

Regulatory Framework

Overview of Mineral Sector Regulation in Niger, Nigerien Mining Code 2006, Overview of Hydrocarbon Regulation in Niger, ...

State-owned Entities

Nigerien Ministry of Mines and Industrial Development, Nigerien Ministry of Energy and Oil, Société du Patrimoine des Mines du Niger (SOPAMIN)...

International Oil Companies (IOCs)

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Sonatrach, TVI Pacific ...

International Mining Companies (IMCs)


Oil and Gas Fields

Agadem Block, Ténéré Block, ...

Mining Sites: Niger

Principal Mines in Niger

Key Infrastructure

Overview of Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Niger, Overview of Mining Infrastructure in Niger, Soraz Oil Refinery...

Social and Environmental Context

Social Context for the Extractive Industries in Niger, Environmental Context for the Extractive Industries in Niger...

Regional Dynamics

Chinese Investment in Africa, Niger-Chad ...

Resource Transparency Opportunities

Resource Curse, Natural Resource Charter, Resource Transparency Movement, ...


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