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Welcome to the Uganda Oil Almanac - the first open source reference for the Ugandan oil industry.

Uganda is at a pivotal moment. Two-thirds of the population live on less than $2 a day, but the 2006 discovery of 800 million recoverable barrels of oil has brought hope of prosperity and accelerated growth. But the legal framework hangs in the balance, and careful management is needed to ensure that all Ugandans benefit from this newfound wealth.

This is a living document that will continue to expand as articles are added by contributors in Uganda and elsewhere. If you want to add to the wiki, write to dmutumba(at) to set up an account.

This wiki was created by OpenOil in partnership with Uganda Radio Network. Learn more about OpenOil, including:

Energy Industry Background

Ugandan Hydrocarbon Reserves, The 'Energy Mix', Fuel Subsidies, ...

History and Context

History of Uganda's Extractive Industries, Local Content and Employment in Uganda, ...

Regulatory Framework

Ugandan Petroleum Bill, Ugandan Public Finance Bill, Petroleum Refining Bill...

State-Owned Entities

Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development , Uganda National Oil Company, ...

International Oil Companies and International Mining Companies

Tullow Oil, CNOOC, Heritage Oil, Total, ...

Oil and Gas Fields

Overview of Oil and Gas Fields in Uganda, ...

Key Infrastructure

Overview of Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Uganda, Hoima refinery...

Resource Transparency Opportunities

Resource Transparency Movement in Uganda, EITI, Natural Resource Charter...

You can find a full list of articles available here.

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